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Countering Coronavirus: Business Support Programmes in Europe
Interested in learning what Covid-19 measures governments across Europe have taken in order to support their businesses? MARKETiN CEE in cooperation with other consultancies has prepared an up-to-date overview.

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We Are Attending CI Conference in Germany
CEO of MARKETiN CEE is attending the Competitive and Market Intelligence 2018 international conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany, on 6-7 June 2018. Meet us there!

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MARKETiN CEE - Latest Projects
Selected projects MARKETiN CEE team has worked on recently:
For more information, please see our Project Experience.

MARKETiN CEE Challenge


Do you want to be an international business development consultant? Or just win a 1TB hard drive? Show your analytical skills! 

Present a brief up-to-date overview of the OEM auto parts manufacturing in Slovakia and the opportunities on this market. Author of the best analysis will be awarded with a 1TB portable hard drive and offered an internship/position of a consultant at our office in Senec, Slovakia. Start your rapid and exciting career now by writing a brief report!

For more information, please register at Challengest.com and see the details of our challenge: http://www.challengest.com/challenges?action=viewChallenge&challengeId=156.



MARKETiN CEE is a company providing market intelligence, research, consulting, matchmaking and other support services for business development in Central and Eastern Europe.

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