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Countering Coronavirus: Business Support Programmes in Europe
Interested in learning what Covid-19 measures governments across Europe have taken in order to support their businesses? MARKETiN CEE in cooperation with other consultancies has prepared an up-to-date overview.

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We Are Attending CI Conference in Germany
CEO of MARKETiN CEE is attending the Competitive and Market Intelligence 2018 international conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany, on 6-7 June 2018. Meet us there!

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MARKETiN CEE - Latest Projects
Selected projects MARKETiN CEE team has worked on recently:
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10 Years on the Market!


It has been 10 years now that we have provided our market intelligence, management consulting and other business development services with success under the brand MARKETiN.

The story began to unfold when Pavol Kopec started to trade in Slovakia under the brand name MARKETiN, which represented an abbreviation for "market intelligence", back in June 2003. After more than six fruitful years and a growing base of customers and their business development needs in the region, the company was transformed to a limited liability company and its name was extended to MARKETiN CEE in order to reflect its broadened focus on the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Today, the core team of consultants and other staff together with a wide and flexible network of 2-10 local consultants and experts per each country across the whole CEE region help companies coming from various countries and industries mitigate risks and leverage opportunities in their business development efforts. And, MARKETiN CEE will continue to serve the clients as their business "Navigation Through the CEE".


MARKETiN CEE is a company providing market intelligence, research, consulting, matchmaking and other support services for business development in Central and Eastern Europe.

For more information about MARKETiN CEE, please visit our website www.marketincee.com.
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contact us.

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