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Countering Coronavirus: Business Support Programmes in Europe
Interested in learning what Covid-19 measures governments across Europe have taken in order to support their businesses? MARKETiN CEE in cooperation with other consultancies has prepared an up-to-date overview.

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We Are Attending CI Conference in Germany
CEO of MARKETiN CEE is attending the Competitive and Market Intelligence 2018 international conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany, on 6-7 June 2018. Meet us there!

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Automotive Industry in Czech Republic and Slovakia


In September 2009, MARKETiN conducted market research and intelligence on automotive sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with an aim to provide our client not only with an overview of the sectors in both countries, but especially an insight into the foam auto parts manufacturing market, including its size, market potentials, supplier lists, potential customers, competitive situation, and price levels.

Here are some of our findings: In our report, we estimate that a compound annual growth rate will diminish in the period of 2009 to 2013 as compared to the previous fast-growth period. Namely, we forecast that it will slow down to 12.4% (from previous 20.5%) in the Czech Republic, and to 20.6% (from previous 26.7%) in Slovakia. We assume the Czech Republic could exceed the production level of one million vehicles in 2012, while smaller Slovakia could be able to reach such level only at some point beyond 2013, thus further reinforcing its position of the world’s biggest per capita car producer.

The major passenger car manufacturers in the Czech Republic include Škoda Auto a.s., T.P.C.A. Czech s.r.o. and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. Slovak automotive industry is also dominated by three car makers, namely KIA Motors Slovakia s.r.o., Volkswagen Slovakia a.s. and PCA Slovakia s.r.o.

There are more than 830 automotive tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers in the Czech Republic, and about 241 automotive suppliers in Slovakia. In the Czech Republic, the biggest concentrations of suppliers are in the regions of Central Bohemia, Liberec, Plzeņ, South Moravia and Zlín. As for Slovakia, the major part (124) of suppliers is located in Western Slovakia, 83 suppliers are in Central Slovakia, and 34 in Eastern Slovakia.

For more information, please visit our Market Briefs section where the following PDF files are available for download: Market Briefs: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing in Czech Republic and Motor Vehicle Manufacturing in Slovakia.

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