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Countering Coronavirus: Business Support Programmes in Europe
Interested in learning what Covid-19 measures governments across Europe have taken in order to support their businesses? MARKETiN CEE in cooperation with other consultancies has prepared an up-to-date overview.

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We Are Attending CI Conference in Germany
CEO of MARKETiN CEE is attending the Competitive and Market Intelligence 2018 international conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany, on 6-7 June 2018. Meet us there!

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Selected projects MARKETiN CEE team has worked on recently:
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Database of Slovak Manufacturers with Casting Processes


Profiles of Slovak manufacturers, with more than 20 employees, which use have foundry practise or use casting in their manufacturing processes can be found in the saleable Database of Slovak Manufacturers with Casting Processes.

Database is a result of telephone interview conducted with representatives of 37 companies in Slovakia.

Company profiles contain the following items:

  • sorts of cast metal (aluminium, brass, zinc, ...);
  • types of parts/semi-products produced (motor blocks, car parts, ...);
  • brand and size of presses used;
  • type of customers (car makers, ...),
  • press loading methods (manually, by manipulators, by robots),
  • cast removal methods (manually, by manipulators, by robots);
  • finishing/cast cleaning procedures (grinding, cutting, polishing, drilling, ...);
  • cast finishing methods (manually, by manipulators, by robots);
  • use of protective coatings on casts (no; if yes: which?);
  • average number of boxes and pallets dispatched per day;
  • staff number (total, manufacturing, foundry);
  • number of shifts;
  • annual turnover;
  • planned investments;
  • brief characteristics of the company;
  • key purchasing decision-makers;
  • other important data.

If you are interested in more information or a sample with more details, please contact us.

In the case you need a specific database with data tailored to your needs, please send us your specification, and we will send you a quotation.


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