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Project Experience

Following are selected examples of projects conducted by MARKETiN CEE in 2014:

Market Research:

  • Air Filters Location Search - Overview of Polish Market
  • Overview of Mould Release Agents Market in Poland
  • Brief Overview of Automotive Industry in Slovakia & Hungary
  • Country Benchmarking for Selection of Sensor Assembly Plant Location in CEE
  • Analysis of ICT Sector in Slovakia
  • Analysis of Advanced Wound Care Market in Russia
  • Agricultural Groups With Land Area Exceeding 10 Thousand Hectares in Slovakia
  • Customer Satisfaction with Rubber & Latex in Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • Demand for Compressed Air Solutions Leads in Slovakia
  • Demand for Light Truck-Mounted Refrigerated Boxes in Russia
  • Electrical Engineering Firm's Brand Awareness in Slovakia
  • Demand for Containers with Customized Built-In Technologies in Poland

Competitive Intelligence:

  • Analysis of Meat Processing Market in Hungary
  • Overview of Major Consulting Companies in CEE 
  • Risk Profile of Aluminium Smelter in Romania
  • Analysis of Compressed Air Solutions Competitors in Slovakia
  • Risk Profile of Owners of Pharmacies in Slovakia
  • Credit Checks on Multiple B2C Vendors in Czech Republic

Business Partner Search:

  •  Search for Plastic Parts Manufacturers as Acquisition Targets in CEE - Stage II.
  • Plastic Parts Supplier Search in Romania and Czech Republic
  • Trip to Assess Electric Cable Assemblers as Potential Targets for Acquisition in Hungary
  • Global Marketing and Partner Search for Newly Patented Bio Fuel Additive
  • Global Marketing and Partner Search for Newly Patented Pellet Press
  • Search and Visits of Pool Safety System Distribution Partners in Hungary

In-Market Support:

  • Arranging Meetings with Compressed Air Solutions Leads in Slovakia
  • Arranging Visits of Pool Safety System Distribution Partners in Hungary
  • Organizing Visits to Electric Cable Assemblers as Acquisition Targets in Hungary

MARKETiN CEE provides research, intelligence, analytical and consulting tailor-made solutions since 2003. For more information about our project experience in your line of business, please contact us.

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