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Ethical Codex

Besides complying with our general Corporate Code of Ethics, our team also adheres to SCIP's Code of Ethics for CI Professionals as well as to our following Ethical Codex for Competitive Intelligence when applying CI  techniques in our projects:

Ethical Codex for Competitive Intelligence

1. Generally, we will not disclose the name of our client. However, we will not use deception when representing ourselves, and shall provide the name and location of our company to respondents when conducting interviews.

2. Since all client materials are kept highly confidential, we will provide a Nondisclosure Agreement or sign a similar agreement provided by our clients. In addition, all of our employees are required to sign Nondisclosure Agreements or similar agreement. We will also segregate all client project-related materials from other file materials in a similar or related industry to prevent disclosure of non-public information.

3. We will not swap pricing information with competitors or sign anti-competitive agreements. Although we will obtain pricing and volume information for clients, we will not threaten our clients' positions with various anti-trust regulations.

4. We will not knowingly compromise either a client's or respondent's reputations or positions by demanding information unavailable in the routine course of conversation or business.

5. We will not remove competitors' private plans, diagrams, samples, or technology without agreement. We will not rummage through competitors' trash. We are not interested in obtaining, keeping, or using Trade Secrets (as defined in the law).

6. We will not place false advertisements for the purpose of interviewing competitive personnel.

7. We will not plant competitive information or misinformation.

8. We will not bribe respondents, nor will we use blackmail or extortion.

9. We will not perform surreptitious espionage employing listening devices, hidden cameras, or stakeouts.

10. We will not tape record telephone interviews.

11. We will not knowingly compromise the position of any sovereign state based on providing knowledge that involves their or our national security.

12. We will act with integrity in our relationships with clients, colleagues, other organizations, referral sources, and other professions, thus contributing to the optimum benefit of our clients and actively promoting international and domestic competitiveness.

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