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MARKETiN CEE is a consulting company providing business and market intelligence, research, consulting and support for market entry, business development and competitiveness enhancement in Central and Eastern Europe.

We support business growth and competitiveness by helping identify, assess and leverage opportunities and mitigate risks related to markets, industries and companies in the CEE region.

CEERICA, our unrivalled extensive network of local consultants and experts, not only strengthens our core team of seasoned consultants and analysts by providing required insights and recommendations to support our clients’ fact-based planning and decision-making, but they also render hands-on assistance with their implementation in the local markets. This brings us unique flexibility and enables us to provide ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions for business development support in the region.

Though experienced in conducting many types of research, analytical, consulting and other services for both local and international clients of various sizes and backgrounds, MARKETiN CEE has the highest level of expertise in providing B2B market research and competitive intelligence especially for mid-sized and large companies operating mainly in manufacturing, trade and business services sectors as well as for investors and trade promotion agencies.

Innovativeness and uniqueness of our solutions stems, inter alia, mainly from the application and combination of state-of-the-art market research and competitive intelligence methods and techniques. Besides the fact that we excel in digging the open sources effectively in order to deliver requested insights, our clients especially appreciate our ability to gather opinions of knowledgeable persons from the relevant market while - if requested - maintaining their anonymity. This allows our clients to obtain a valuable resource of information gathered legally and ethically that would not otherwise be available to them. To seize the opportunities identified in our studies and reports, clients also appreciate personal assistance of our local consultants in the markets they want to grow and thrive in.

All in all, what sets us apart from other consultancies focused on Central and Eastern Europe is our broadest network of local consultants and experts in the region and our wide range of customized services and unique solutions that we are able to render. This enables us to be very flexible in every aspect. Flexibility is our competitive advantage.

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