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How We Work

Uniqueness of our solutions rests in frequent combination of latest market research, competitive intelligence and management consulting methodologies, and in application of state-of-the-art online and offline communication technologies

All solutions that we provide are customizable or tailored to the needs and requirements of individual clients. Our solutions span from complex full-service consulting projects to rather simple analytical, information or brokerage services. Therefore, their duration varies from long-term or repeating assignments to one-off projects.

In the first contact with potential clients, we communicate with them intensively to define their problem, help them clarify goals of the project, as well as time and cost limits. Based on the requirements, we then prepare project and budget outline in a custom proposal that meets their requirements and assures them that they will pay only for what they need.

In the case of comprehensive assignments, our process often includes a multi-phased approach of market analysis, marketing research, competitive intelligence, business matchmaking, and/or on-site support.

To gain required knowledge and insight, MARKETiN CEE usually conducts both desk research to collect secondary data from various sources (e.g. proprietary databases, public and commercial company directories, official statistics, public documents, legal norms, published research reports, trade press, annual reports, price lists, and other various online and offline sources, etc.) as well as primary research, usually through trade interviews, online & offline surveys. MARKETiN CEE team of experts then analyzes the collected data.

The results of our market research and intelligence based consulting are presented in the final reports or market studies. Since all projects are customized to the specific needs and requirements of our clients, the content and extent of MARKETiN CEE reports and studies varies accordingly.

Prior to final presentation, MARKETiN CEE staff presents the preliminary outcomes of the study together with eventual suggestions to our client. This preliminary feedback is very important for us and for the client to assess whether the information and knowledge we are presenting exceeds the expected value.

Our success is also based our instant responsiveness and constant communication with clients. Since the beginning of each assignment, clients are periodically informed about the progress of their project. It is our policy to report clients even in the early stages about possible data, information or documents, which are impossible for us to retrieve.

When working on international or multinational projects, MARKETiN CEE core team of consultants cooperates with external experts, consultants and renowned agencies abroad.

Depending on the nature of engagements, MARKETiN CEE provides its services on a fixed-fee or a daily-rates basis. Nevertheless, our pricing is always transparent. Moreover, by applying our unique auction-based system when outsourcing services in CEE, we make sure that we deliver the real value for money.

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