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Slovakia Market Research & Intelligence On-Line Resources


Official registers
  Orsr.sk - Companies Register of the Slovak Republic;
  Zrsr.sk - Trade Register of the Slovak Republic;
  Drsr.sk - Register of VAT payers in Slovakia;

Business Directories
  Zoznam.sk - Slovak Phone Book (includes all telecom operators in Slovakia);
  Greenpages.sk - Slovak Spectator's Book of Lists - a directory of firms in Slovakia;
  Other directories: InfoBanka.sk; Datamax.sk; Azet.sk; Abc.skBest.sk; etc.

Macroeconomic Overviews
  Countryreports.com - source of basic macroeconomic data on Slovakia.

More on-line resources on Slovakia and other CEE countries will be added soon.

If you need more specific information that you will not find on the Internet to take knowledge-based decisions, or if you need a more in-depth market research or competitive intelligence services in Slovakia or other CEE countries, contact us!

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