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Company Lists & Profiles

While primarily focused on delivering requested, and often hardly-obtainable, information on various companies in the Central & Eastern Europe, these solutions may vary from basic identification and delivery of company lists based on simple criteria up to detailed intelligence-based company profiling.

In order to fully support clients' business development needs, these solutions may also include such busines partner matchmaking services as identification, selection, assessment, profiling and detailed analysis of local companies - e.g. cusotmers, distributors, franchisors, suppliers, JV partners, or even M&A targets.

Examples of typical deliverables include:

  • Lists of TOP target companies
  • On-demand company databases (from basic data to specific information)
  • Brief corporate references & background checks
  • Basic corporate profile
  • Detailed corporate profile.

However, sometimes clients need more than just company lists and corporate profiles. They need to know activities, portfolios, technologies, strategies or plans of business partners or rivals in their competitive arena. This is a time for a full-fledged competitor intelligence that MARKETiN CEE is well placed to deliver in an ethical and legal manner. For more information see Strategic Intelligence Insights.

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