Business Development Support in CEE

MARKETiN CEE is a boutique consultancy providing full-service business development support in Central & Eastern Europe.

 From strategy planning...
Based in the heart of CEE, a team of seasoned consultants will support your decision-making by providing knowledge and insight on local markets, industries and companies.

 ...to implementation.
An extensive and flexible network of local experts across the region will provide you in-market assistance for successful market entry and/or further business development.

Thanks to our unique methodology and an efficient sourcing system used in our network, we will help you leverage opportunities & mitigate risks in CEE swiftly and effectively.

Our services include Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Early Warning & Monitoring, Management Consulting, Business Matchmaking & Market Entry Assistance.

We cover all CEE countries, including
Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia + Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and beyond.

Contact us to request a no-obligation proposal of our solution to your specific challenge. You can also research our free Resources.

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