Navigation Through the CEE of Opportunities and Threats

Do you need business development support in markets of Central and Eastern Europe?
MARKETiN CEE will help you leverage opportunities & mitigate risks anywhere in CEE.

According to your needs and plans, our team consisting of consultants with intimate knowledge of local markets and expertise in market research, competitive intelligence and business consulting will prepare a unique tailored solution for you.

When developing business on attractive, but often not very transparent markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), we will act as your navigation through the CEE. We will support your decision making by providing you with knowledge and insight on local markets, industries and companies.

Decisions based on our information, knowledge and advice will enable you to set more reliable and actionable business goals and strategies, or review them. We will help you:

  Understand strategic opportunities and prepare for future threats;
  Get to know foreign markets and choose proper entry strategies;
  Analyze industry sectors and anticipate future trends and scenarios;
  Identify customer needs and factors of their satisfaction and loyalty;
  Gather competitive intelligence and uncover competitors’ strategies;
  Recognize the best practices in management, sales and marketing;
  Assess and improve effectiveness of corporate sales and marketing.

When expanding internationally, we can help you not only with strategy generation on the basis of our market intelligence, but also with the first stage of its implementation - for your successful and fast market entry.

Besides Slovakia and the Czech Republic, MARKETiN CEE with its own reliable, effective and flexible network of local consultants and partners CEERICA covers the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe. We are also members and partners of global networks and international trade promotion agencies.

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