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You can truly rely on MARKETiN CEE before taking any difficult business decision in CEE. Here are TOP four reasons why to cooperate with us. 

By hiring MARKETiN CEE, you will SAVE:

1. Time
Clients appreciate our fast communication and delivery enabled by current technologies. Time-saving starts with our on-line enquiry form, continues with constant e-mail and video-conferencing communication about your project progress and outputs, and ends up with protected space of our website allocated for you to download your project’s final report or other relevant documentation.

2. Money
Unlike our major global or regional competitors with large internal staff at local branches, our flexible scheme inherited in the CEERICA network of CEE-based proven and independent partners, consultants and experts and our unique auction-based sourcing and transparent pricing systems allow us to save both your and our costs.

3. Trouble
With us, you can stay free of any troubles - both minor (travelling to the site, understanding local languages, familiarizing with local customs and business etiquette, etc) and major (wrong-time or wrong-target investments, failed sales and marketing efforts, vanishing of expected opportunities, newly-emerged or unperceived risks) that are connected with your expansion in CEE. We will serve as your on-site consultant or proxy.

4. Staff
You do not need to have employees qualified in international management, strategic marketing or competitive intelligence, you do not have invest in your staff’s language or other skills, because with us you do not even have to have such staff on your payroll. We will serve as your on-demand and flexible local team with all the knowledge and skills you require to grasp your opportunities or mitigate risks in CEE.


Besides, you will GAIN:

1.  Source of relevant information
Having a reliable and independent source of information in CEE is invaluable. With us you will get only and solely that information or knowledge that you need to make your fact-based decisions. With us, you will have the information advantage.

2. Partner for your business development
By hiring us, you can get a long-term partner for your strategic and marketing endeavours in CEE. We can support you in all stages of your business development in the region.

3. Experts with different capabilities
Our flexible pool of local experts and partners is always available for you. The great thing is that this is experienced and qualified staff is not on your payroll. Just outsource it if and when you need it.

4. Benchmarking framework
Not many companies will provide you with an opportunity to benchmark across CEE. Whether you want to benchmark the market conditions, companies or products in multiple countries of the CEE region, we have the capacities to help you improve and stand out through benchmarking.

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