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Strategy Radar - CE - Transport & Logistics - 2008 Archive

Archive of selected headlines of events in the Central European Transport & Logistics market as detected by Strategy Radar™, an early warning intelligence system:

TOP 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in December 2008

  • Midex Airlines started to ship air cargo to Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Goodman eyes further expansion in Žilina or Košice, Slovakia
  • GAC opens up a branch Krakow, Poland
  • DHL became logistic partner of Czech presidency of EU
  • Erste Bank lent €100 mil. to CTP Invest to acquire new logistic areas
  • ProLogis Park Będzin II runs to full capacity
  • TNT to build nation-wide post network in Czech Republic
  • OKD, Doprava completed acquisition of ViamontCargo
  • DB Schenker acquired Romtrans in Romania
  • Slovak logistic areas registered a record growth in 2008

TOP 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in November 2008

  • Whirlpool opens a distribution hub in Lozorno, Slovakia
  • Logwin operates new logistic centre in Slovakia
  • Russian Railways secured their first European cargo terminal
  • Prologis seazed new projects
  • EÚ approved the acquisition of MÁV Cargo by Rail Cargo Austria
  • C.S. Cargo takes over CS Expres to enter the express services market
  • Agility expands into the CEE region
  • Logwin opens new logistic hub in Warsaw
  • Rebranding process of IN tIME Express Logistics is over
  • Rhenus opens new distribution centre in Poland

TOP 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in October 2008

  • Japan Post launches logistic services in Europe
  • ProLogis opens a new park in Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Austrian Post acquired a courier firm from Bosnia
  • Gebrüder Weiss opens a new facility in Hungary
  • FedEx Express prepares a new centre for CEE region
  • K+N starts construction of new hub in Hamburg
  • Gebrüder Weiss builds a new logistic hub in Austria
  • Daughter of D.Logistics won Procter & Gamble’s tender
  • CEVA will operate distribution centre for BMW
  • DHL shifts IT operations from U.K. to Czech Republic

TOP 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in September 2008

  • New logistics and assembly park to be built in Lozorno, Slovakia
  • Setto Spedition became a part of Raben Group
  • Slovakia will rent a cargo terminal to Russian railways
  • Geis Group opens a new parcel hub near Prague
  • Deutsche Bahn will invest in Eastern Europe
  • DB Schenker plans to acquire Romtran
  • Spar opens a new logistic centre in Hungary
  • Četrans will sell a part of their assets
  • Spar opens new logistic centre in Hungary
  • Wincanton signed a new logistic contract with Sara Lee in Poland
  • GreenCarrier acquired Spedair

TOP 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in August 2008

  • Hans Hickler to direct DHL’s customer relations
  • Marek Müller became a new leasing manager at ProLogis in Czech Republic
  • Schenker launched a new regular link Bratislava - Istanbul
  • Metrans opened a new link Rijeka – Dunajska Streda
  • Hansa-Kontakt launches the construction of logistic center in Hungary
  • DPD network expanded by a new member in Serbia
  • Giant warehouses will be constructed near Zatec in Czech Republic
  • Czech railway cargo forwarder OKD Doprava bought Viamont Cargo
  • Metrans will expand its hub in Slovakia
  • Lindbergh & Dachser to build another branch office in Trencin, Slovakia

TOP 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in June 2008

  • GEFCO has three new daughter companies in the CEE region
  • Wincanton standardizes operations with Manhattan Associates
  • Fiege won four-year contracts from an EU agency based in Vienna
  • Fiege launched a new depot near Plzen in the Czech Republic
  • Gebrüder Weiss to build logistic centers near Prague and Brno
  • ProLogis builds its first distribution centre in Austria
  • ProLogis rented warehouse space to Wincanton in Czech Uzice
  • Czech and Slovak railway cargo carriers will merge
  • CS Cargo plans to acquire another company in Slovakia
  • Goodman expands by building four logistic centers in CEE

Top 10 Events Detected by Strategy Radar in May 2008

  • Cargo-partner builds new logistic center in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
  • Gebrüder Weiss invests into new depot in Senec, Slovakia
  • DB Schenker builds logistic depot in Salzburg
  • Movianto takes over CSL Behring’s logistics in Central Europe
  • Kuehne+Nagel will manage logistics for Beiersdorf in CEE
  • DHL opened its biggest European hub at Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany
  • ProLogis builds regional distribution center for UTi Hungary
  • CS Cargo bought Czech firm JTC Transcentrum
  • Gebrüder Weiss invests 3 million Euro in Hungary
  • Bridgestone opened a new CEE logistic center in the Czech town of Bor

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