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Online Competitor Tracking

MARKETiN CEE also provides customized online competitor tracking and monitoring of competitors in order to protect your brand, reputation, market share or simply maintain a competitive edge.

Take advantage of our customized Online Competitor Tracking services to gain understanding of how customers view your products and services alongside those of your competition. Ongoing monitoring of your competitors will enable you not only to protect your existing business against any new threats from the side of your competitor, but also to create opportunities to take advantage of your competitors' weaknesses. Knowing competitor strengths and weaknesses will make it easier for you to position your products and services.

Growing numbers of Internet user communication online make it easier for competitors, or in fact anyone, to make comments good or bad, true or not, about your company, products and services.

We can monitor what had been mentioned online including:

  • Trade and Industry sites and forums
  • Competitor website
  • Ezines / media websites
  • Article websites
  • Personal / private blogs
  • Employer and employee blogs
  • Forums
  • Special interest sites
  • Protest sites
  • Expert blogs
  • Top Blogs
  • and more…

You can protect your business and gain and maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors through the Online Competitor Tracking service.

Call +421-2-20200030 or use our contact form for more information about our custom Online Competitor Tracking service!

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